10 Steps To Consider When Choosing a Concrete Contractor

Installing a concrete driveway or parking lot could be just what you need to give your home or business structure a makeover. A change as simple as installing a concrete patio or driveway can turn around the look of your home for the better. Nevertheless, deciding on how to carry out the project will require some work. In this article, we’re going to look at the steps you need to take to find a reliable concrete contractor for your project.

1. Proper Research and Recommendations

This is the first step to take when looking to start a concrete project. Make time and carry out an all-inclusive research on the right contractor for the project. You’ll need to familiarize yourself with the different steps of the various process involved in order to have an idea of what exactly needs to be done. The whole project could cost you a lot depending on the amount of work to be done. This is why it’s paramount you do proper research prior to choosing a contractor. The data you gather from your research will now help you seek for contractors that specializes in the exact type of concrete work you need done. More so, ask your friends and families for recommendations as they may have an idea of a good contractor that’s just perfect for the project.

2. Check References

Before you decide on a concrete contractor, it’s important you ask for references and testimonials from previous customers. You may not know it, but most customers will be glad to provide you with names and numbers. This will help you have an idea of how the contractor works and what to eventually expect. It’s also a good idea to check company reviews on Facebook, Yelp, and Yellow pages.

3. Contact Potential Contractors

You should now have a list of potential contractors after your extensive research. Contact them and explain in detail the type of concrete project you need and the outcome you expect. Then get a quote from them to have an idea of the pricing. Below are some important questions you need to ask to help you pick the right contractor from your list.

  • Type of projects they have worked on previously.
  • How long has the contractor been in business?
  • Do they have any insurance and what type?
  • Do they offer guarantees on work done?

4. Match Quotes and Timelines

The next thing to do after talking to the contractors is to go through all the information you gathered from them. Don’t only consider pricing, as a lower price may mean that lower quality materials are used for the project. Also, consider the estimated delivery time of the work from the various contractors. Make sure to take a closer look at the quotes to ascertain that there are no hidden costs you may end up discovering later and that the given quote truly represents the total cost of the whole project.

5. Visit the contractor

If you’ve chosen your contractor, then it’s advisable to visit them at their worksite. This visit gives you an overview of the type of work they do and the materials used. Also, have a look around to see if you can find some of the previous projects they already completed in your area.

6. Follow Your Instincts

You should be very comfortable with any contractor you finally choose. Go with the company that you accept wholeheartedly, not one that makes you uncomfortable or pressured. Make sure to spend enough time with him or her to really understand their personality and work style. Don’t forget that this person will be working on your property for several weeks or more, so you need to be careful when making your selection.

7. Insured, Licensed and Bonded

Be certain any contractor you decide on to work on your project is well accredited, bonded and insured to work in your geographic location. This is to the benefit of both you and the contractor. The right accreditation show a certain level of professionalism and this is what you want with any contractor you choose to work for you.

8. Be Clear on the Warranty and Contract

Ask the contractor to provide you with a sample contract and warranty. This lets you familiarize yourself with certain terms and languages so you know what to expect for your own project. They should be able to explain any confusing terms and conditions you don’t understand. Make sure to ask for an all-inclusive estimate so you don’t get surprised with additional costs when the project is over.

9. Know the Kind of Team Coming to Work on Your Project

You should not only ask whether the project will be contracted out, but also on the level of expertise and experience of the team that will be working on your concrete service. Have in mind that you might need electricians and plumbers working on your project as well, so ask about their professional backgrounds and experience too. This might seem like too much work, but it pays in the long run when the job is long completed and you look back to see how professional everything was.

10. Contract

Now, the contractor will have to draw up a contract containing every thing already discussed. Ask him to include every aspect of the project in the contract. Be certain to read every line of the contract before you sign it.

Choosing the concrete contractor

Most times, all the information you need about any contractor including previous jobs, insurance status, etc. is available on their website. For example, Houston Concrete Contractors is one of the known and trusted concrete installers in Houston, Texas and all of the needed information is available on their website.

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